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Recover: CBD and CBG Muscle and Joint Lotion for Recovery

AdvenTrue Recover is the ultra-strength solution to deep muscle and joint soreness. When you apply our CBD and CBG topical to your skin, it penetrates deeply and interacts with your cannabinoid receptors to bring benefits to a targeted, localized area. Our non-greasy formula soothes rough skin, and as an extra bonus, it completely calms itchy bug bites!

AdvenTrue Recover muscle and joint lotion has over 20 natural ingredients such as menthol, capsicum and meadowfoam, and has five times the powerful CBD and CBG than competition.

Our herbal extracts go to work immediately providing instant relief. Then the CBD and CBG can take anywhere from 15–45 minutes to fully penetrate. The benefits from our ultra-powerful AdvenTrue Recover lotion can last up to 6 hours. 

You can use CBD/CBG topicals daily. In fact, many consumers claim that CBD and CBG creams work better if they are applied as part of a regular daily routine.

In several studies, CBD has been shown to provide an effective benefit for post-workout muscle stiffness and tension. Not only that, but it seems to improve the rate of muscle recovery.