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All Natural CBD and CBG Topicals

AdvenTrue Recover is the all-new ultra-strength solution to deep muscle and joint comfort and relief with 5X more beneficial CBD and CBG than competition!

Not only is it the best non-greasy product you have ever tried to target aches and painful soreness, but it also soothing for your skin and is an amazing way to stop bug bite itch!

AdvenTrue Recover muscle and joint lotion has over 20 all-natural ingredients such as menthol, capsicum, meadowfoam and so much more.

When you apply CBD and CBG topicals to your skin, they penetrate deeply and interact with your cannabinoid receptors to bring benefits to a targeted, localized area.

You can use CBD/CBG topicals daily. In fact, many consumers claim that CBD and CBG creams work better if they are applied as part of a regular daily routine. Be sure to apply it directly where you need it most.